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Motivated for Muscle: How to Find the Best Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

People are much more likely to stick to a workout regimen when another person is involved. That other person could be a friend, their partner, or a personal trainer.

But which personal trainer is the right workout coach/partner for you? Learn how to decide, below.

Know What Your Goal Is

A personal trainer can help you gain muscle, lose weight, or tone what’s already there – but they can’t read your mind. Before you come to a gym, you’ll need to know what your goals are.

Many trainers and gyms will sit down with you before you start paying them, to help you narrow down those goals and turn them into a plan. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to turn a big goal “lose weight” into a regimented plan.

They’re there to help. But remember, they can’t make you follow the plan. They can encourage, but you’re the one who has to do the hard work.

Who Do You Gravitate Towards?

If you’ve been working out at your gym for a little while, you should start to notice the trainers. They’re like local in-house celebrities.

And, you’ve probably picked a “favorite” by now. Maybe it’s someone who once spotted you or high fives you when they see you running.

Those are the people you want to sit down with and figure out if they’re the right fit. You’ll be working with this person one on one, and at times, you’ll have to be vulnerable.

Liking your trainer makes that a whole lot easier.

Learn Their Specialties

Trainers can all do the same thing: help you workout. But the way they do it and the exercises they choose are up to them, and the methods they follow.

Trainers even differ in their nutrition ideas, though they aren’t nutritionists. If you’re already keto, you can look for a trainer who follows a low-carb plan too.

You’ll have something you can talk about and your diet discussion will be a lot easier to understand.

Then you’ll have to think about how you’re best motivated. Some people need, almost crave, praise and others like subtle encouragement. There’s no right answer.

Most of the time, you’ll adapt to their style and they’ll figure out what you like, in terms of strategy – but you don’t want to hire a cheerleader when you really wanted a drill sergeant.


Each trainer sets their own schedule, in the limits of the gym’s hours. They might only work with clients until 3 pm, so they can pick up their kids.

Or they might prefer training in the early hours of the morning. You want them to be there (and have availability) when you’re there.

If you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule sessions in the morning. You’re not going to become a morning person overnight, and you’ll probably end up sleeping through a session.

Only schedule appointments you can make. You don’t want to get stuck in Las Vegas traffic when you’re supposed to be at the gym.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Finally, make sure your personal trainer and you click. You don’t have to be best friends, but you want to look forward to your sessions, no matter how hard they are.

If you follow the steps above and you’re honest with yourself (and with your trainer) you’re on your way to the perfect match.