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How to Build the Perfect Circuit Workout Routine

A circuit training routine can provide a lot of benefits that other fitness routines do not. Circuit training exercises elevate your heart rate and engage muscles in different ways than simple cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise.

A circuit workout routine is the perfect combination of aerobic exercise and lifting weights.

If you’re interested in making good on your New Year’s resolution, consider learning everything you need to know about circuit training. Bet on yourself Las Vegas-style and discover how to build the perfect circuit workout routine for you.

It’s All About Timing 

Circuit training should never be done for very long intervals of time. The optimal time limit for circuit training is between 30-60 minutes. 

You’ll want to create a circuit that addresses each part of the body. A circuit training routine should revolve around full-body workouts, three to four times per week.

good circuit training routine is built on stations of individual workouts with limited rest in between. 

For example, 

Station One:

Jump rope 1:00 

00:15 rest

Station Two:

Squats 00:45


Station Three:

Chest Press 00:45


Choosing Upper Body and Lower Workouts

Because circuit training is high intensity, you’ll want to do the most intense workouts in the beginning. The more your body exhausts, the more you’ll want to complete exercises that are manageable on your body. 

For example, you don’t want to pair heavy weighted squats with heavy weighted chest presses after you’ve paired heavy weighted deadlifts with heavy weighted shoulder presses. 

Choose compound movements at the beginning of your workout, and as you progress, choose isolated and static movements to build core stability. 

Try to come up with three circuits that have full body, upper body, and lower body exercises and complete each exercise to the point of exhaustion. Allow yourself limited rest. 

Body Weight and Core Circuits  

After you’ve completed your weighted compound circuits, create a few circuits based on body weight and core exercises. At this stage in the workout, your body has exhausted most of its reserves, and you shouldn’t try to tax it with heavyweights.

The final circuits should focus on engaging fatigued muscles and controlling your body throughout every rep you complete. 


After 30 to 45 minutes, you’ll want to quit. Don’t. Committing to a 15-minute high-intensity cardio workout at the end of your circuits will give you a highly effective fat burn.

High-intensity cardio targets fat. Your metabolism will already be amped up from the circuit training. Adding a high-intensity workout will take your circuit training up a notch and help you achieve results much faster. 

Hydration note: Remember to stay hydrated in the Las Vegas sun. Even when you’re inside, dehydration occurs because of the Las Vegas desert. Load up on fluids the night before and you’ll feel the benefits the day after. Don’t wait until you start your workout to drink water. 

Be Smart About Committing to Your Circuit Workout Routine 

The intensity of your circuit workout routine depends on your age, fitness level, and medical condition. Do not commit to a particular routine because you’re trying to impress someone else.

Be honest with yourself. It’s much more effective to start slow, keep consistent, and build periodically than do as much as you can right away and burn out. 

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