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Custom programs that are specific to the athlete to ensure safety and performance that translates directly to competition.

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Program Outline

Allow for 90 minutes of your day to this program with our fitness trainers.
This program covers soft tissue techniques, mobility work, strength training, and conditioning.
Our incredible staff of personal trainers will guide you toward the path of looking and feeling better.

“I’m feeling and playing my best”

Joe T.
How we design your fitness program

The Latest Tech

TGLV uses the Functional Movement Screen and Humantrak to asset your mobility. After your assessment our Performance Director will build a program designed specifically for you.


Movement Prep

You will be taught proper soft tissue mobility techniques, the proper way to prime and warm-up your body, and how to manage aches and pains. Having the knowledge to care for your body after and between competitions is crucial to recovery and care.
Sports Performance at The Gym


At what age do you start training athletes?

Somewhere between 9-12 yrs old. Part of our initial assessment with prospective members is an interview process to determine if the individual is a candidate to join The Gym. Multiple factors come into play, mental maturity, ability to listen and be coached, and willingness to learn are all things our performance director will take into account during your first meeting to see if TGLV will be a good fit for you. 

Do you have a (insert sport) strength program?

NO!!! We train each athlete as an individual in order to improve overall gross athleticism. Our job as Sports Performance Specialists is to make your athlete stronger, faster, more explosive, and injury resilient.

How long are the training sessions?

Roughly 90 minutes. Each athlete will perform an extensive warmup, power work, a personalized strength program followed up with conditioning.