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Personal training programs for you. Handcrafted to not only keep you safe but achieve your goals.

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Program Outline

Allow for 70-80 minutes of your day to this program with our fitness trainers.
This program covers soft tissue techniques, corrective exercise, strength training, and conditioning.
Our incredible staff of personal trainers will guide you toward the path of looking and feeling better.

“Focused Fitness is a perfect fit
for me.”

Sarah M.
How we design your fitness program

The Latest Tech

TGLV uses the Functional Movement Screen and Humantrak to asset your mobility. After your assessment our Performance Director will build a program designed specifically for you.


Get back to normal movement & activity 

From our assessment, we are able to address what is causing pain and limited mobility and offer programs to get you back into shape with the guidance of our dedicated personal trainers.
Focused Fitness


How exactly does it work?

Our Performance Director will write a program based off of our initial assessment in combination with your goals. Once you show up to The Gym our coaches will walk you through your program and ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

When are your classes?

Focused Fitness isn’t a class based training system. The schedule is completely up to you. Our Focused Fitness training blocks allow you to control your training around your life.

How much does it cost?

We offer a range of different membership options based on the program you sign up for. The average session cost for our Focused Fitness program is $29 per visit.