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The Gym Las Vegas provides custom training programs, sports specific training, and group fitness sessions proven to help student-athletes and adults of all ages make improvements to their bodies, health, and performance.

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Founder, The Gym Las Vegas

Rob Martinez is a certified expert in sports specific training, functional movement, and injury reduction. Rob Martinez founded The Gym Las Vegas to improve your life with a safer and more effective approach to fitness.

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Ever since joining TGLV I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Rob and his staff put together an amazing program for me to put me in the best possible position for success. The mix of strength training and functional movement within the body helps keep me on the field all season long.

TJ Friedl

I started my journey with The Gym Las Vegas 9 months ago, I had just given birth to twins 4 months prior and was smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. I literally started with no expectations and just needing to get out of the house. I had no idea the impact this opportunity was going to have on my life. Mentally and physically it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The results I’ve gotten over the last 9 months are astonishing and sometimes unbelievable. It’s now a way of life and I can’t imagine where I would be without them!

Jessica Griebling

The Gym Las Vegas has made our son’s exercise program safer, more effective, and more fun. TGLV has also provided expertise, accountability, and support to his workouts. When he’s training, the trainers @ TGLV have helped him get stronger and feel more confident during his baseball tournaments.
The Gym’s encouragement and constant motivation pushed him to heights we never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring him to be excellent in everything he does! Your leadership and sportsmanship are top-notch.

Rachael Shepard

I have had back pain for years. It affected me every single day. I had shots, took prescriptions and was recommended surgery by more than one Doctor. Since starting at the gym about a year and a half ago my pain is almost GONE. I still have good and bad days but it's no longer a constant factor in my daily life!!! I didn't think I would ever be able to say that. The Gym gets much for than 5 stars!!

Jamie Johnson

TGLV and their detailed + focused fitness plans has built my son into a bigger, stronger and faster athlete. He’s measured at national events often, and always exceeds & surpasses the last recorded numbers. TGLV has instilled not only a disciplined and consistent work out routine for him, they’ve also positively changed his thought on diet, nutrition, supplements and hydration. They’ve helped my son excel from a locally known athlete, to a nationally ranked and known athlete. Thank you TGLV.

Eamon Springall

I am a 73-year-old who started at the GYM about a year ago. My strength and flexibility have improved considerably since joining "The Gym". My overall health is better as well as my golf game.
The workouts designed for you are specific in nature, for YOUR individual issues.

Bill Paulos

Since joining TGLV my son has been more explosive, strong, and confident in the game of baseball. This gym is allowing student athletes to boost not only their training but their game to the next level. There have been definite measurable improvements in all aspects of his training/conditioning

Brenda Kingston

I came to the gym to train for a sport, but what ended up happening was you counteracted a sedentary lifestyle that I didn't realize was making me achy, prone to injury, and feeling tired and unmotivated to work out. When I would try to work out (before joining), I would not see results and then would quit pretty quickly. You put me on a program that counteracted my sedentary lifestyle (desk job, Netflix), corrected my aches and pains, and that actually energizes me. It keeps me motivated, seeing results, and has me moving like my younger self.

In the past, I worked with trainers who provided workouts that were unnecessarily difficult compared to my fitness level, caused (instead of corrected) soreness and discomfort, and (unbeknownst to me) risked injury by adding weight to unhealthy movement patterns I had. Looking back, I realize these trainers were offering programs geared toward athletes and fitness competitors, rather than normal people. The plans were super elaborate and hard to recreate on my own, focused on movements that required more mobility than I had, and that made it easy to ignore posture weaknesses, core strength issues, and hip health. They were not taking my limitations into account, and I probably ended up worse off than if I had not worked out at all.

It has been so nice to have a semi-private setting and customized program that has corrected my weaknesses and imbalances, reduced stiffness and pain, and increased my overall fitness level. I actually look forward to the gym - and it costs way less than a lifetime of chiro appointments and my body feeling broken!

Valerie Delgrosso

Since my Varsity team has been training at The Gym Las Vegas I have noticed a huge increase in my athletes physicality, the way they move, and overall athleticism. Batting Practice is LOUD!! The Gym has given my guys the tools to compete at the absolute highest levels!

Coach Jaco

Focused Fitness

Our most popular program

The Gym Las Vegas’ Focused Fitness is a semi-private training program and a complete workout monitored by our personal trainers.

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Sports Performance

A program for athletes

The Sports Performance Program at The Gym Las Vegas combines the best of science and personal training.

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MILF Program

Mothers Into Living Fit

Our program focus on Women’s health issues. We will help bring about new confidence and care for your body through resistance training and cardiovascular training.

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