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4 Performance Training Tips That Professional Athletes Use

Effective training is key to dominating, regardless of your sport of preference. It’s also the best way to get fit and remain in shape.

Have you had the same workout routine for a while? When it comes to strength and agility, does it seem like you’ve plateaued?

It may be time to up your game. Professional athletes can’t afford to lose ground when it comes to their physique.

Let’s look at four performance training techniques they use that you can add to your workouts.

1. Explosive Lifting

Many people think that slow and steady is the way to go when lifting. Instead, try pushing through your reps with more ferocity.

Spending too much time on the downward part of a lift results in increased soreness on the field or court. This takes away from your overall performance.

You may be surprised at how you feel when you quicken the pace when lifting. Start pushing with everything you have.

Remember to always stay comfortable and remain in control of the weight bar. Then complete the concentric part of your life with more explosion.

2. Compound Movements

When performance training, the more muscles you engage, the more muscles you build. This is where compound movements come in. These are workouts that require the use of multiple joints.

Many compound movement exercises are ground-based. This means your feet stay planted. Squats and power cleans are great examples.

When lifting, variations of the bench press are also great options. Try mixing it up with presses using dumbbells.

Utilize pull-ups and chin-ups for building back muscles. Leg presses and lunges will get your quads burning and build speed and agility.

3. Get out of the Gym for Cardio

A long workout on an elliptical machine is great for the average person trying to lose weight. But if you’re an athlete wanting to increase your performance, it’s not enough.

To get the most out of your cardio training, you need to get outdoors. You’ll get a lot more variety and can engage in cardio workouts that more closely resemble the movement of an actual sport.

You also have more options when you take it outdoors. Try hill sprints, running stairs, or even swimming.

You can also engage vigorously in activities like biking or rollerblading to mix it up a bit. Outdoor agility drills are a perfect way to boost cardio endurance and agility.

4. Fuel up Before Your Train

Before performance training, it’s crucial that you intake carbs in order to maintain energy throughout your workout.

Now, we’re not saying you need to switch to a high-carb diet altogether. But you should get around 50 grams of carbs right before you train.

You should also get more carbs right after you work out. They’re essential for maintaining the energy you need to keep you going.

Unprocessed options like whole-wheat bread, yogurt, and fruits are the best options. These are considered “good” carbs.

Performance Training the Right Way

If you feel it’s time to achieve the edge you’ve been missing, you’ll need to make some changes to the way you train. Using the techniques discussed above is a good start when increasing strength, agility, and overall endurance.

If that’s not enough, and you think it’s time to bring in a professional, contact us today.