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My First Time: 5 Tips For When You’re New to the Gym

Working out is a great way to feel less stressed and live a healthier life. Also, whether you’re looking to shed some weight, bulk up, or tone your body through HIIT training, there’s no better place to work out than your local gym.

However, entering the gym for the first time can be an intimidating experience. You might feel nervous about working out in front of others or feel clueless about working out.

We’ve been there, too. That’s why we created this helpful guide to help those new to the gym.

1. Bring The Right Equipment

Before going to the gym for the first time, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for a safe workout.

Always dress comfortably. Wear loose, comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

You’ll need proper footwear, too. For cardio-intensive workouts, make sure you have a quality pair of running shoes. Improper footwear can lead to an accidental injury like shin splints and knee pain.

Finally, pack a water bottle so you can stay hydrated. Your body loses a great deal of water during workouts, and dehydration can lead to soreness, cramps, and more.

2. Don’t Worry About What Others Are Thinking

One of the top reasons people won’t set foot in a gym is because they’re afraid others are judging them.

However, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Everyone has that same fear. Don’t worry; the gym is a safe place.

Most people are so focused on their workout that they hardly notice those around them.

So in the rare instance that someone makes a rude comment, be sure to let the staff know. They’ll take care of the bully immediately so you can have a worry-free workout.

3. Take it Slow

Gyms have so much more to offer than treadmills and free weights. You’ll have plenty of options to customize your workout.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take it slow.

When you’re new to the gym, it’s all too easy to overexert yourself, which can lead to days of muscle soreness.

Aim for more reps at a lower weight. Over time, you’ll build up strength and endurance so you can take on more. But for now, take it easy.

4. Follow The Rules And Etiquette

Most gyms have a list of rules and etiquette posted near the front desk. If there’s no signage nearby, follow the leads of others and use common sense.

Wipe down any equipment after use, always wear headphones when working out with music, and be sure to put your weights back in the holder when you’re done.

5. Look Into Your Gym’s Benefits

Your membership grants you access to all sorts of extra bonuses like classes and consultations. Some gyms even include nutritionists and personal training services.

Since you’re paying for these services, make sure you’re using them.

New to the Gym? No Worries!

Don’t let nerves get you down. If you’re new to the gym, follow these tips. You’re sure to have a good time and an even better workout.

Are you interested in signing up for a gym membership? Or maybe you have specific fitness goals in mind? Let us help you live a healthier life.

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