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Tricks and Treats: The Challenge of Gaining Muscle Weight

If you’re struggling to gain muscle mass, there’s a hidden cause.

First of all, you’re not alone. Many in the gym are struggling to build muscle. Here are some of the possible reasons you’re not gaining muscle weight.

Your Diet

You can build muscle through the combination of diet and working out. Be sure your meals include things like:

  • An increase in calories
  • Higher protein intake
  • Enough carbs for bulking
  • Amino Acids after working out
  • And leaner meats

This new lifestyle will help you look and feel healthier while building your muscles. Remember to remain consistent with your new plan.

You’re Not Lifting Heavy Enough

To build mass, you must break down the muscle’s tissues so they can repair themselves and become stronger and denser fibers. The only way to do that is to work out with heavier weights than you’re familiar with. Next time you’re working out, opt for a weight that is more challenging for you to feel a difference.

You’re Doing Too Much Cardio

Although cardio is fantastic for burning fat and keeping your heart health in check, it doesn’t help with gaining muscle weight. Combine challenging workouts using weights to add the muscle mass you desire. You can still use cardio less often for a leaner appearance.

Your Form Is Off

If your form’s off, you’re hit with a double whammy. By lifting incorrectly, you’re putting your health at risk and wasting a workout. Working out your muscles only works when you’re challenging them correctly.

Your Genetics

Unfortunately, some people are cursed with genetics that makes it near impossible to build the coveted muscle mass. According to the American Physiological Society, “The association between greater muscle mass and greater BMD is likely to be determined by genes regulating size.” That means how easy it is for you in terms of gaining muscle weight could be determined by your genetics.

You Need to Adjust Your Rest Time

Studies have shown that taking 2 to 3-minute rest periods are better for muscle growth than taking shorter rest periods, lasting 60 seconds or less. If you’re guilty of rushing through your workouts, it could be why you’re struggling to gain muscle mass. Next time you work out, try adjusting your rest time to 2.5 minutes to increase strength faster.

Other Possible Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle Weight

There can be an array of reasons why you’re not gaining muscle weight as quickly as you wish. A lack of sleep, muscle imbalances, and residing in a bustling city like Las Vegas can make it difficult to remain consistent with your efforts. These are the kinds of factors that can determine the thickness of your muscles.

Start Building Your Muscle Mass

Even though it can be a struggle, gaining muscle weight can be attainable. With the proper diet, consistent workout schedule, and challenging yourself with heavier weights, you’ll begin to see the results you crave. Check out our blog for more insider training tips.