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Teen Fitness: How to Get Your Kid from the Couch to the Gym

17% of teenagers qualify as overweight or obese, putting them at risk for a lifetime of health issues.

Of course, getting your teen to work out isn’t as easy as putting on your running shoes and heading out the door together. It can seem downright impossible sometimes!

Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here are some teen fitness tips to help you get your teen off the couch and into the gym.

Start Slow

Dragging your teen to the gym for a 90-minute workout that pushes them to their limit is a surefire way to make sure they never set foot in a gym again. It’s also a dangerous idea that risks your teen’s health.

Compromise is key. Take it slow and remember that everyone has to start somewhere.

You’ll stand a much greater chance of getting your teen exercising by starting with shorter, less intense workouts than by tossing them in the deep end.

Start with a half-hour workout. Once they see that working out isn’t so bad after all, it’ll be much easier to get them to hit the gym with you.

Make It Fun

To most teens, spending time in the gym is as far from fun as it gets. However, there are some cool tools they can use to make the process more exciting.

Consider gamifying the workout. Apps like “Pokemon GO” and “Zombies! Run” incentivize players to stay active and reward them for hitting milestones.

You can also incorporate exercise into their favorite hobbies like gaming. If your teen has a virtual reality headset, there are all sorts of cool workout games like “BoxVR” and “Beat Saber.”

Set a Good Example

It might not always seem like it, but your teen looks up to you. Psychology has long shown that parents are some of the most powerful role models a person can have.

So if you’re looking to get your teen exercising, it’s time to practice what you preach and hit the gym, too.

By doing so, you’ll set a good example that can lead them down the path to a healthy life.

Make it a group activity. Set aside time a few times per week to workout together. During your workouts, you can catch up on one another’s days and enjoy quality bonding time while working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Even if you work out, you are what you eat. So if you’re feeding your teen processed foods, sugary snacks, they’ll have a much harder time getting healthy.

Making good choices at mealtime is just as important as getting to the gym on a regular basis.

For instance, you can replace breakfast cereal with oatmeal, which is full of protein.

A teen’s nutritional requirements aren’t the same as an adult’s, so make sure to consult a nutritionist.

Inspiring Better Choices Through Teen Fitness

Fitness is about so much more than how much you can lift or how far you can run. It’s about a better way of life and making smarter choices that help your body.

If you’re having trouble getting your teen off the couch, give these tips a shot.

If you and your family have an interest in teen fitness, contact us today.