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Squats: 4 Tips to Be a Better Running Back

While most people think of the quarterback as the playmaker, the running back can make the difference between a first down advance or a fourth down punt.

To make the big plays and get that first down, you need to be in top form. If you want to improve your skills and become the next great running back, follow these tips.

1. Varied Strength Training Routines

To be a great running back, you have to bulk up. You can be the fastest guy on the field, but that won’t help you when three guys take you down.

Dedicate yourself to strength training to build muscle and strength. You’ll also want to work various muscle groups, not focusing too hard on one area.

For example, don’t skip leg day. Working your upper body is great, but you need to balance that out with working your legs and core to maintain a balanced athletic build.

2. Practice Your Catching

Running backs do more than run. They can act as receivers out of the backfield, surprising the defense off of a screen. They may also have to take a pitch to the outside. Whatever the play, you need to be prepared to catch and run.

Learn to catch the ball from various angles with both hands. This way, you’ll become a more dynamic and balanced player.

3. Practice Your Running

It might seem obvious, but if you can’t run, you can’t be a good running back. Running backs have to be fast and quick on their feet.

Speed and agility drills will keep your running skills honed. You’ll want to work on your sprints, too, and your forward and lateral motion.

You should also run balance drills and work on your vertical jump. After all, defenders aren’t just going to part for you on the way to the end zone. Practicing your running skills will only make you a faster, smarter running back.

4. Ball Handling

Being fast and agile won’t mean anything if you can’t hold the ball. Too many fumbles will kill the careers of even the best running backs. You’ll need to practice your ball handling skills once you have possession.

Practice receiving the ball, gripping it firmly, and tucking it away. You’ll want to do this quickly and efficiently to avoid dropping it or having it ripped away by a defender.

How to be a Better Running Back: Wrapping Up

Having the speed and natural athletic ability is a great start to becoming an excellent football player. But if you want to be the best, follow these tips. They can make you a stronger, smarter, and well-balanced player.

We know what it takes to build strength and fitness. If you have any questions or need help getting to the next level of athletic performance, contact us. We’ll make a plan and a schedule that works for you and your goals.