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Squat to a New You and a Higher IQ: Benefits of Exercise on the Brain

Looking good is just one of the reasons to hit the gym. But “getting swole” from exercise can apply to your brain, too!

Our bodies improve in many ways from exercise, like increasing metabolism and adding muscle mass. Science has shown that there are also many benefits of exercise on the brain.

From an extra hit of oxygen to clear your mind to even growing new neurons, let’s look at all the ways an extra rep boosts your brainpower.

During Your Workout

Doing exercise can change the body and the way it functions from the very start. The moment you take that first step, you’re improving cognitive function.

How? Getting your heart rate up boosts blood flow to the brain. You’ll breathe harder, supplying more oxygen to your body.

Immediately After Your Workout

Putting your body through the stress of a little sweat session activates chemical reactions. To counteract the physical strain, your brain produces endorphins.

If you’ve heard of “runner’s high” then you know the effect endorphins have. They make you feel good immediately, and long term can reduce anxiety and depression.

Hours After Your Workout

The brain benefits of exercise continue long after you’ve completed your last rep. Chances are the exercise you do that morning or afternoon will make getting to sleep easier.

The rate and quality of sleep U.S. adults get has been decreasing over the years. Getting any kind of physical activity at any time during the day allows you to fall asleep faster and get higher quality sleep.

That means you’re alert and focused. Your brain won’t be struggling against a sleep deficit when you’re awake.

Long Term Benefits of Exercise on the Brain

You’ve seen how moving more improves your brain in one day. Keep on exercising and you’ll see benefits for years to come.

As we mentioned before, exercise can stimulate the growth of new neurons. It activates the release of growth factors in the brain that improves cognitive ability.

“Executive function”, the ability to make decisions, plan long-term, and organize, gets better with aerobic exercise. That spin class can be what helps you impress the boss at your next meeting.

Exercise can protect against dementia in the future. While nothing can completely erase genetic factors (yet), exercise can help with cognition, memory, and retention.

What Exercise Is Best?

Which exercise is best for stimulating brain growth and function? You’re going to love the answer to this question!

Any and all exercise helps boost your brainpower. The most important thing is to get started!

Take the stairs on your lunch hour. Join an exercise group. Take up an old sport you left off in school.

No matter what gets your blood pumping, your brain is going to get better.

What Are You Waiting For?

The benefits of exercise on the brain are many and are long-lasting. Getting into a healthy routine doesn’t just make your skinny jeans fit better, it improves your mind, too.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all that we have to offer and improve your body and mind today!