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Sports Performance Training: The Sports Performance Recipe

Appearances can be deceiving.

We often judge a book by its cover. Because hey, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck… This is a big problem in fitness and personal training. Pretty facilities, pretty trainers, and pretty bodies have nothing to do with performance. Sports performance training follows a recipe. When you don’t focus on the recipe and only worry about how the end product looks, you’re ready for disaster. Picture this:

You walk into the finest restaurant in your area. Your reservation has been set for three days, and you can’t wait to get the one perfect meal you have been thinking about in front of you! The order goes in, and when your plate arrives, it looks amazing, just how you imagined it. Anticipation rises as you go to take your first bite and to your shock and disbelief it tastes awful, how could this be? At first glance it looks perfect, the restaurant is as classy as ever, the plating was so good it looked like it should be in a magazine. What could have gone wrong? The chef whom you have trusted to cook your meal decided not to follow a recipe tonight and just threw a bunch of ingredients together hoping the outcome would be satisfying.

What is sports performance training?

Unfortunately, many trainers and training facilities handle your performance programs with that philosophy! Too many times, athletes all over the country are thrown into beautiful looking facilities with the shiniest equipment and the nicest looking training staff you could imagine. Looks fantastic as you walk in the door but its time to stop being fooled and look at what is actually going on.

As an athlete, you must measure everything you do in regards to your performance level. The key word being YOUR!!! I’m sure you have heard of sport specific training, it’s a trendy phrase used by many trainers. However what they aren’t telling you is that sport specific training isn’t in the weight room. Sport specific training is throwing balls, catching passes, shooting hoops, hitting the ball, things that directly relate to the activities of your sport.

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Ditch the one size fits all approach.

You have individual needs as an athlete and different weaknesses that lie within your body. Until you have identified these, you cannot take the first step towards improving yourself. Dysfunction in your movement pattern that is not clearly defined before beginning a performance program is a problem. There is a strong possibility that your training program will only strengthen the dysfunction. In other words, if you have a bad squat pattern you should not be doing squats as part of your weight lifting program. Unless you feel the best way to put out a fire is by throwing gasoline on it! A functional movement assessment is vital to the quality of results you see from your performance training program.

It is time to drop the one-size fits all program. You know the type, every athlete is doing the same group of “lower body Wednesday exercises” that were determined 20 minutes before you walked in the door.

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Focused fitness is the key to sports performance training.

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A sports performance training program is different; it is a recipe, a very carefully measured step-by-step approach to improving sports performance. Sports performance training programs from Las Vegas Sports Performance are carefully constructed recipes. We identify you as an individual athlete, not a pitcher, or a lineman, or a tennis player. Additionally, just because you’re the same position as another athlete, does not mean the same exercises will work for you. We customize the program for your needs by beginning with a functional movement screen to identify and dysfunctional movement patterns or weaknesses. When you walk in our doors there is no “Football Program.” There is only “YOUR” program custom fit with all the ingredients to make you the best athlete possible.

Before you can fix what is happening, you must evaluate why it is happening.

At Las Vegas Sports Performance we build pathways to optimal athletic performance while decreasing the risk of injury through improving strength and motor control. By isolating and addressing deficiencies and weaknesses, we can help athletes achieve better form and improve performance.

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