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Personal Training in Las Vegas – Get Fast at LVSP

Personal training in Las Vegas tailored to your goals. Come in for your functional movement screen and get started at LVSP. If you’re into speed training, this article could help make you faster…

You may already know that speedwork can help boost metabolism, build strength and increase stamina. But are you making the most of it?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation, myth, and bro-science, both online and on the track. The good news? At Las Vegas Sports Performance, we’re serious about helping you reach your potential.

So to put you on the right track, here are four (dispelled) speed myths that could be slowing you down.

Let’s run it…

1. Technique Is the Critical Speed Factor – MYTH

When it comes to the main driver of speed, a debate rages between technique vs. power. Yet the widespread consensus appears to have technique pegged as the victor.

Not true.

If we are to isolate one true master of speed, it’s power. Hands down. In fact, it’s proven.

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Biomechanics, the main predictor of speed and the primary limiting factor of speed is power. Of course, your technique should not be undervalued. Research by Southern Methodist University in Dallas established that elite sprinters ‘attack’ the ground in a way different from most other runners.

Both are essential components of speed training, but be under no illusion… power is king. At Las Vegas Sports Performance, we will help you build your power to increase your speed with the best personal training in Las Vegas.

2. Flexibility Doesn’t Help Speed – MYTH

Stretching and flexibility are most often seen as a warm-up tool to limit injuries. That’s true, but it’s not the full story.

The reality is that increased flexibility can directly translate into speed training improvements.

Poor flexibility means your muscles have a limited range of motion. Essentially, your nervous system is engaging a protective measure. This protective control limits your movement, to reduce injury risk. By working on flexibility, you can gradually inhibit this protective mechanism.

The result is muscles that work through their full range, and are better equipped to drive power and therefore, speed.

3. Muscle Slows You Down- MYTH

You may have heard that increasing muscle mass is going to reduce your speed. It is perhaps the most common speed training myth.

The fact is, size and speed do correlate. The good news is, this relationship is a positive one.

Over a four year period, 45 of the world’s fastest sprinters were analyzed on both their speed and physical composition. The Journal of Experimental Biology reported the study’s findings in 2005, and the results were clear.

Small, light body types are better suited to running. Long-distance running, that is.

In short sprints, where speed is more of a factor than endurance, the opposite was true. That is, bigger, more muscular athletes were more successful, or in other words, faster.

Increased muscle weight can, of course, make you tire more easily. However, this muscle also gives more strength and power. The speed benefits gained from the latter, more than make up for the extra weight and energy expenditure.

4. You Don’t Need Strength to Run Fast- MYTH

This one should be simple. You need to increase force production, to improve speed. The more force (i.e., strength) you can apply to the ground, the faster you will accelerate.


Force = Mass x Acceleration

Hey, you can’t argue with physics.

In 2009, the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research published research from a study of 17 collegiate football players. The study showed that the weaker athletes were also the slower ones. Athletes able to squat over 2.1x their body weight held significantly faster sprint times.

That’s settled then. If you want to excel in your speed training, you do need strength — and lots of it. Come try the best personal training in Las Vegas with Coach Rob Martinez and the LVSP team.

Speed Training Myths

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Personal Training In Las Vegas

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