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Our Effective Personal Training

At The Gym Las Vegas “personal training” takes on a new meaning. We train each individual to achieve their personal needs. From a custom training program to coaches who guide you through every step of the way, we have developed the system to reach your goals!

Functional Movement Screen

Our goal at The Gym Las Vegas is to identify the best training program possible for you! Using the Functional Movement Screen as an initial assessment tool we are able to identify weakness and dysfunction that may be holding you back in the weight room and your daily life. After completion of the Functional Movement Screen our Program Director will write a program specific to your needs.

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Biomechanic Video Analysis

We offer movement video analysis to get an even deeper look into how you move and how to customize a program for you. This technology is ideal for those athletes looking to gain that little extra heading into a season or really fine tuning what may be causing you that nagging chronic pain.

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Body Burn

Do you want to feel better about taking your shirt off at the pool? Do you want to be able to get into the dress that sits in your closet, staring at you saying “one day”? The Body Burn class is a high-intensity cardio circuit designed to keep the heart rate up and keep you sweating.

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Move Better

The Move Better class is all about moving better to feel better. Whether you want to get out of bed without all the daily aches and pains, you’re an athlete coming off a big event, or you’re just chronically tighter than a drum, this is the perfect class for you.

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Real Training, Real Results

The Gym Las Vegas offers proven classes that will guide you toward moving better, looking better, and feeling better. This is the best gym in Las Vegas, providing real results from effective classes for those serious about making improvements in their fitness and health!