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How To Build Endurance Lightning Fast

In America, only 1 in 3 adults actually gets the recommended amount of exercise that they need.

Life can get busy, and there could be all kinds of reasons why you’re not working out. 

Been a while since you’ve been to the gym? You probably want to know how to build endurance fast so you can start seeing gains. These 5 exercises will help!

Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs are one of the best things that you could do to help build up your endurance. 

Climbing stairs will help you increase not only your stamina but also your power and strength. It works because every time you have to climb an incline, your heart rate gets faster, and you start gasping for breath because you need more oxygen to supply your body. 

In Las Vegas, there are all kinds of places that could be great for that. For example, the Grand Staircase is the perfect opportunity to start building your stamina up.


Bicycling is also a great cardio workout to help build up your endurance. 

If you have a bicycle, that’s great. If not, you can always go to the gym and hop on a stationary bike. 

You might be tempted to do short bursts of speed while cycling, but you will get more endurance out of riding a longer distance at a steady pace. Even if the pace is slower, more distance will be better for your endurance. 

Lift Weights

When you ask how to build endurance fast, lifting weights is one way to do it. This will end up building muscular stamina. 

You should start lifting low weights for more reps to build up the stamina. As you go, you can increase the weight and go for more reps.

If you don’t know how to properly lift weights, you may want to hire a personal trainer to make sure that you don’t injure yourself. 

High-intensity Interval Training

High-intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is one of the fastest ways to improve endurance. 

With this kind of training, you will do an intense exercise for a set amount of time and then do a lower intensity for the recovery.

For example, this could be two or three minutes worth of running and then switching to walking. 


Swimming is one of the best workouts that you can do. You only need to swim for 20 minutes at a moderate level to get all the benefits of it. 

Because swimming is the one workout where you have to control your breathing and even hold it at some point, your lungs will gradually be able to send more oxygen to the rest of your body after a while. 

This will help you have endurance not only in swimming but with other physical activities. 

There are many swimming pools in the Las Vegas area that you could check out.

Learn More About How to Build Endurance Fast

Learning about how to build endurance fast is the easy part. Actually doing it is the difficult part.

However, you’re taking one of the first steps. 

To take the next step in finding a gym and a trainer, contact us with any questions you have.