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Freshman Body Blues: 4 Tips for Avoiding the Freshman 15 in Las Vegas

If you’re getting ready to attend college in Las Vegas this fall, you probably have a lot on your mind. It can be a stressful transition moving away from home for the first time.

But you’ll also be given a lot of freedom. You get to choose your classes, friends, activities, and food.

With this freedom comes the potential to make bad choices and you could find your habits make you put on some weight.

Everyone fears the freshman 15, but you can prevent it!

How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Stress is inevitable in college. You’re going to be doing a lot of work and if you have a job, your stress might become difficult to manage. Maintaining your health may be the last thing on your mind.

Show stress who’s boss by taking control of your diet and exercising habits. Here’s how not to gain weight in college:

1. Stay Active

Whether you hit the gym with some friends or join a sports club on campus, exercising regularly is imperative if you want to keep off the freshman 15.

Staying active will keep you slim, but it can also improve your social life.

You can turn a visit to the gym into a team-building exercise if you bring a few friends along to spot you, and joining a sport club on campus is a great way to meet new people.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Your fancy coffee, a large soda, and a six-pack of beer are not going to stave off hunger and they’re additional calories you don’t need

You may claim these drinks are essential, but you don’t need them every day. Everything in moderation, as they say.

Drink mainly water to keep yourself hydrated and your metabolism at its most effective! Drink sports drinks to replenish electrolytes if you play sports or regularly do intense workouts.

3. Choose Healthy Food Options

Yes, the food court on campus is convenient. Yes, you may find that your newfound freedom would permit you to hit the fast food every day.

But if you want to stay healthy in college, you’re going to have to resist.

Healthy food can be just as delicious as unhealthy options and you can feel less guilty about having an extra serving.

You don’t have to omit junk food altogether, but try to get in the habit of preparing healthy meals and stocking your dorm with healthy options.

4. Find a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will keep you motivated and teach you how you need to train to expect significant results for your body.

Tell your personal trainer what you’re trying to achieve and they can tell you which exercises you should try to reach your goals.

Finding a personal trainer in Las Vegas is an extra step you can take to ensure that you know how to stay fit in college.

Lose Weight and Look Great in Las Vegas

Losing weight and keeping it off is an attainable goal. College doesn’t have to ruin your physique.

If you need an effective and safe fitness experience, The Gym Las Vegas can help you come up with a training program that’s sure to help you avoid the freshman 15!