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Don’t Skip It: 5 Benefits of Leg Day in Your Las Vegas Workout

Leg day… the perceived demise of many workout plans across the great city of Las Vegas. 

While your schedule may tell you “today’s leg day”, you might get to the gym and decide to plant yourself on the bench press instead… why?

So many people choose to ignore THE most essential day of their entire exercise repertoire. But if they knew the results they were missing out on, they wouldn’t skip it anymore.

Below are 5 of the many benefits of leg day, and why you shouldn’t miss out on it ever again!

5 Benefits of Leg Day

Your legs are the foundation of your entire body, treat them with care and feast on these 5 benefits!

Develop Abs

Have you always wanted a rock-hard six pack, but never seen the results you’re expecting? You choosing to neglect leg day could be the main reason why.

It may surprise you to find out that certain versions of squats can help strengthen and tone your abs.

Your abdominal muscles are the bridge between all your major muscle groups, which means that they are a tell-tale sign of how balanced (or unbalanced) your workouts are.

Burn Those Calories!

Leg exercises will help you burn calories as fast as the Las Vegas heat burns an asphalt road.

To put it simply, most of the largest muscles in your entire body are located in your legs. Working out those larger muscle groups requires your body to use more energy to do so.

This forces your body’s metabolism to kick into overdrive to acquire energy, thus burning more calories in the process.

Looking to shred more fat off your body? Good… then no more skipping leg day!

You Won’t End up Top Heavy

Yes, it’s true… the ladies love big biceps and broad shoulders.

But do you know what they HATE? Men with toothpick legs, which is what you’re heading for if you skip leg day much longer. 

Leg workouts are the only way to keep those calves looking nice and swole while keeping that gluteus maximus high and tight. Be sure to take a day or two each week to focus on strengthening and toning those crucial muscle groups!

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Without leg day, you’ll never be able to train the muscle groups in your legs that support your knees and ankles.

That can significantly increase the risk of injury while playing a sport or performing any other physical activity.

Leg muscles are meant to adapt and react to the body’s movement, but without proper training, they may lack the proper strength to do so.

Makes You Faster

Leg workouts, especially ones that include squats and deadlifts, can help increase your explosiveness on the field.

Most of your speed is reflective of the power in your legs, as well as your muscle endurance. Lifting helps your legs produce the ability to “bounce” off the ground with more tenacity.

If you’ve noticed a decline or the need to become a bit faster in the sports you play, leg day can help you fix that in no time!

Don’t Skip Leg Day, Embrace It!

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of leg day, it’s time to hit the gym and get to lifting!

Who cares if it’s been a while and you can’t lift much weight to begin with… everyone has to start out somewhere. Most people aren’t doing leg day like you are, so you already have a “leg” up on them!

If you’re still looking for a gym in Las Vegas or have more questions, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 702-432-3278.