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Best Workout for Men at the Gym: The Top 4

Looking to get fit in Las Vegas? Are you ready to drop some pounds off that dad-bod and tone those muscles? Then you’ll want to check out these top workout tips for men, straight from the pros.

In the fitness community, there’s endless debate over how to define the best workout for men. Not to mention that each person is different, so each workout routine should be personalized.

Even so, in the following guide, we’ve listed four exercises that are generally the most beneficial for most men. Next time you’re at the gym, be sure to add these four exercises to your routine.

1. The Bench Press

There’s a reason the tried and true bench press is a staple gym exercise for men. It’s an excellent way to evenly build up several muscles of your upper body.

It builds up your shoulders and triceps, increasing arm strength. And it beefs up your pecs so you can wear a muscle shirt without looking ridiculous.

2. Half-Kneeling Rotational Cable Chop

This exercise strengthens not only your core but a load of other support muscles as well. These include your hips, shoulders, lower back, and glutes. It’s like exercising your entire mid-to-upper body.

Plus, it does so on one side of your body at a time. This is great practice for your body for doing certain activities.

A lot of activities, like rock climbing, require these muscle groups to work one side at a time. And while many exercises work out both sides in unison, this one gives you practice using each side individually.

To do the half-kneeling rotational cable chop, clip a rope high on the cable machine. Kneel on the knee farthest from the machine, with the foot of your other leg flat on the floor, knee bent at 90 degrees. 

Pull the rope down diagonally across your body for several reps. Then, repeat on your other side.

3. Hamstring Curl With Physio Ball

To perform this hamstring curl, lay on your back with your calves on a physio ball and your arms down at your sides. Then, use your heels and feet to roll the ball towards you until your feet are flat on the ball.

This is better than using the leg curl machine as it takes a lot of stress off your knees. It also requires more help from secondary muscle groups, which builds up your support muscles. And stronger support muscles mean you are less likely to incur injury later.

4. Standing Dumbbell Single-Leg Calf Raise

This exercise is also awesome for working out your calves.

Holding a dumbbell, stand on a 25-pound plate. Balancing on the ball of your right foot, cross your left foot behind your right. Then, simply raise up your right heel.

The Best Workout For Men

The best workout for men is one that includes the exercises described above. These four exercises should be included in every man’s workout regimen. The next time you visit the gym in Las Vegas, give these exercises a shot.

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