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Add This to Your Gym Playlist! The Best Workout Songs of All Time

If you’re not listening to music while you work out, you’re missing out!

In a recent study by the National Center for  Health Research, working out to music can delay fatigue and increase workout capacity.

That’s more than enough reason to get the jams pumping out in your headphones, whether you’re doing cardio or putting your reps in with the dumbbells.

There are many songs out there that can give you motivation and keep you moving to the beat. Check this out because we’ve compiled the best workout songs of all time you should add to your playlist.

Best Workout Songs of All Time

Different types of music are going to set different kinds of moods for your workout. The beats per minute (BPM) can also affect your workouts because it determines if it’s a fast-paced or slow-paced song.

A fast bpm is suitable for workouts that are repetitive like cycling or running on the treadmill, while a slower bpm is excellent for circuit training or weight training. Whether you’re looking for inspiration/motivational, energy, or music for the pre/post-workout period, we’ve got you covered with songs for each category.


There’s going to be workouts out that you are going to struggle with from time to time. Whether you’re finishing that last rep or fighting fatigue, these songs are perfect for getting you motivated.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (109 BPM)

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster Stronger (123 BPM)

Lose Yourself – Eminem (171 BPM)

Europe – The Final Countdown (118 BPM)

Fort Minor – Remember The Name (85 BPM)

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (107 BPM)

Jason Derulo – Undefeated (130 BPM)

Kanye West – Stronger (104 BPM)

AC/DC Thunderstruck (134 BPM)

High Energy

If your workout requires repetitive motion like running cycling or circuit work, these high BPM—high energy songs will keep you going to the beat of the song.

Black Eyed Peas – Pump It (153 BPM)

Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank – (152 BPM)

My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na (166 BPM)

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks – (155 BPM)

The Go Go’s – Vacation (156 BPM)

Prince – I Would Die 4 U (180 BPM)

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (160 BPM

Pharrell Williams – Happy (160 BPM)

The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (160 BPM)


Music is not only crucial during your main workout but also in pre and post-workout periods. These slower-paced songs will help you get your mind in the game or prepare you for the recovery process.

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (129 BPM)

A head Full of Dreams – Coldplay (123 BPM)

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison (86 BPM)

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (97 BPM)

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer (134 BPM)

Sunrise – Norah Jones (100 BPM)

A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke (172 BPM)

Tessalate – Ellie Goulding (95 BPM)

Carefully Crafting Your Playlist

Now that you have the best workout songs of all time to your disposal, all you have to do now is piece your playlist together in the order you find suitable. 

Once you have your playlist ready to go, go out there and give it your all on the gym floor for and let the music inspire you to do your best. If you have the playlist together but don’t have the gym to go to in Las Vegas, contact us and we’ll help you out the best we can to suit your fitness needs.