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5 Soccer Drills That Will Help Condition and Strengthen

Soccer is an excellent way for kids and adults to improve their fitness and self-esteem, but not all soccer coaches help players achieve their full potential.

Soccer is about so much more than just scoring goals – players should also be working on improving their condition, strength, and speed.

Developing a solid program of soccer drills is a great way to get players focused on building their skills in all areas.

Not sure which drills are the best?

We’ve listed five top drills which will help build speed, condition, and strength.

Let’s do this!

1. Circular Cone Dribbling

This is a simple warm-up which works no matter how many players you have.

Simply set cones up in a large circle, then ask players to dribble between them using the inside and outside of both feet.

Ask players to go both clockwise and anti-clockwise, and adjust the size of the circle to alter how challenging the exercise is.

This drill builds dexterity and balance and is more helpful than straight-line dribbling, which doesn’t reflect the way a real game is played.

2. Three-Goal Drill

It can be hard to recreate the energy of a real game when performing drills, but this three-goal drill is certain to get players excited.

Set up two mini goals in front of your main goal, and challenge players to score once in all three goals, one by one.

Have players queue and go one after the other to keep the energy going, and reward players who manage to score in all three goals.

This exercise keeps players on their toes and improves shooting ability.

3. One-Touch Passing

Being able to make quick passes is essential in a real game, which makes this drill really valuable.

Set up cones and plan passes before beginning the drill so that each player knows exactly who they’ll be passing to, and when.

This helps demonstrate the importance of planning ahead in real matches and improves speed and dexterity for your players.

You can alter the complexity of your passing sequence as players become more skilled – make sure it isn’t too easy.

4. Sliding Tackles

Sliding tackles are a tricky one to get right, which makes them a great drill choice.

Have players practice correct form without another person involved, then gradually work up to performing real tackles.

It’s essential to teach proper tackling technique before letting your players lose, or they could risk injury to themselves or the other player.

5. First Time Shooting

Your players need to learn to score first time.

Have them practice by placing a cone in front of the goal, then telling players to drop the ball at the cone and attempt to score.

Have players go one after the other to keep the energy high, and highlight any good or bad techniques to teach the entire group.

Why Use Soccer Drills?

Soccer drills are a great way to build skill in specific areas of soccer, build strength, and speed in players, and encourage good form.

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