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5 of the Best Types of Shoes for Weightlifting

When you’re lifting weights, all that weight is put directly onto your feet. With weightlifting injuries on the rise, finding the right shoes for weightlifting can go a long way.

The right shoes can help your performance and prevent certain injuries.

Let’s talk about weightlifting shoes and the best ones to buy today.

Why You Should Use Weightlifting Shoes

If you are doing heavy Olympic lifts, squats, deadlifts, or any functional movement training, you should always wear the proper footwear. Going barefoot in a gym is asking for a broken toe, and wearing running shoes is comparable to squatting on a bed.

You need a firm pair of shoes to protect your feet and improve your performance. They need to have a good grip, be comfortable, and not too flexible.

Weightlifting shoes are specially designed for heavy lifts, so there is no sense in not using them. So how do they help you?

The raised heal on the bottom of weightlifting shoes allows for a deeper squat because of the increased ankle range and the grip helps position you during explosive movements like the clean & jerk or the snatch, so you lower your risk of losing balance. Teens are especially at risk of injury with weightlifting.

Proper shoes for weightlifting can go a long way, but some are better than others.

The 5 Best Shoes For Weightlifting

Let’s get right into the best brands of the year to help you hit harder at the gym. Here are the best shoes to lift in.

1. Converse Chuck Taylors

These have long been the favorite of powerlifters, and there is a reason. They have a flat rubber sole to keep the best grip for stationary feet. The flat sole helps you keep your feet extremely close to the ground, allowing you to become fully planted.

A nice pair of Chuck Taylors are also likely to impress your fellow gym-goers, as they are to powerlifting as Beats are to headphones.

2. Adidas Olympic Lifting Shoes

For the explosive movements needed in Olympic lifting, you need a solid grip. These also have a slightly raised heal, between a half inch and a full inch, depending on your comfort.

Adidas has a few options for Olympic shoes, so see what shoe fits best for your needs. They are great for any squat movement, power cleans, jerks and snatches.

3. Reebok TR 2.0 Cross-Trainer

These shoes provide a combination of flex and support for any movement you need. These are designed for weightlifting as well as circuit training, making them extremely versatile in the gym.

4. Inov-8 Fastlift 335

These shoes offer synthetic rubber grips for good support and stability, with a combination of traditional laces and a hook and loop at the top.

They are a little heavier than others on this list, weighing about two pounds, but they offer a good combination of uses.

5. Nordic Powerlifting Shoes

These are excellent shoes, custom-designed for stationary movements for powerlifters and bodybuilders. They are also built to last, offering a 1-year warranty, unlike most lifting shoes.

Next Steps

Head to your nearest gear store and try out the best shoes for weightlifting, and see what is best for you.

All of these shoes are great options to help you hit your next PR, so check them out and learn more about preventing injuries in the weight room.