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5 Lateral Movement Exercises to Improve Your Athleticism

One common element missing from our workout routine is a lateral movement exercise. Lateral movement is important for keeping a wide range of muscles in use and strong. This creates better mobility, balance, and side-to-side motions.

Too often, we become stuck in completing exercises that only cater to front and back motions, but not side-to-side. To ensure you’re doing correct lateral movement exercises, hit up the best Las Vegas fitness center and follow this guide!

1. Lateral Lunges

Why not start out your lateral movement exercises with some lateral lunges? Rather than using a forward motion with regular lunges, use a side motion with lateral lunges. Add this lateral workout into your exercise routine.

Start with your feet spaced about double your shoulder length. Then, lunge to one side as low as you can while maintaining a straight posture. Make sure the other leg remains straight as well, with the foot flat on the ground.

Once you get the hang of it, start incorporating weights. 

2. Side Shuffles

Put on your best running shoes and hit the track or the sidewalk or trail. Whichever place you enjoy running the most, head there! Begin by jogging down the track or block. 

When you go to turn the corner, shuffle yourself around it. After you’ve made the turn, continue jogging straight again. For every corner you reach, shuffle. 

And don’t forget to switch it up! Don’t shuffle in one direction only. You want to give both feet a turn at leading.

3. Grapevines

Grapevines are the perfect lateral movement to work on in any Las Vegas gym! All you need is a little bit of space. Start out slow, moving either left or right.

You can start by crossing your left foot in front of your right. Take the step and then cross the left foot behind the right for the next step. Continue doing so until you’ve reached your end of space.

Now, head back in the opposite direction. This time use your right foot to cross in front of and then behind the left. And don’t hesitate to pick up some weights once you’ve gotten the hang of it!

4. Lateral Crab Walk

Who better to learn lateral exercises from than a crab? When thinking about fitness in Las Vegas, we don’t normally think about sea life. But lateral crab walks are awesome for improving movement and athleticism.

Place your feet and hands flat on the floor. Your hands should be behind you and your knees should be bent. Lift your body off the floor and begin walking!

Use your right foot and left hand to move right. And use your left foot and right hand to move left. 

5. Skaters

The skater exercise gets its name from resembling a skating position. Bend your back and place one leg across the other while slightly squatting. Keep both feet on the ground.

Then transfer the weight to the foot in front and jump to the side. You want to land in the same position, but landing on the opposite foot. Make sure to swing your arms with the motion. 

As your right leg goes behind you, your right arm will go in front of you and vice versa.

Don’t Exclude Lateral Movement From Your Routine

Lateral movement is important for gaining and maintaining proper natural movement and athleticism. So don’t leave these exercises out from your workout routine. And if you enjoyed reading these exercising tips, then you’ll also enjoy reading about 5 tips for personal training!

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