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Injury Prevention

5 Honest Questions To Ask Your Sports Injury Doctor

Are you suffering from an injury?

Whether you’ve picked up an ankle injury while running or a muscle strain from lifting weights, an injury can be incredibly frustrating. As well as causing pain, it can keep you out of training for long periods of time.

If you visit a sports injury doctor, you can assess your injury and start the healing process.

Read on to find out what you should ask during your visit.

Points to Discuss with Your Sports Injury Doctor

Don’t leave your doctor’s office without asking these five important questions.

1. What’s the Root Cause of the Problem?

When you visit your sports doctor, you’re unlikely to know the full extent of your injury.

You may be able to pinpoint painful areas and explain how your movement has been limited. However, you need to know what the cause of those issues are, as well as what they mean.

That’s why you need a diagnosis. Whether you have a muscle tear, a pinched nerve, shin splints or sciatica, a doctor will identify them with certainty. Then, they can work with you on how to solve the problem.

2. How Will My Injury Affect Me?

Find out how you can expect your injury to limit you, both in training and in daily life.

After leaving the clinic, you should know exactly how much time you should take off. You should also be clear on how often you should train once you return to the gym, and which exercises you should avoid when you get there.

3. What Treatment Can You Provide?

Ask your sports injury doctor how they usually treat sports injuries like yours.

Their treatment plan may involve physiotherapy, medication, nutritional advice, or even surgery. Find out what kind of treatment they intend to use. That way, you can assess whether they’re a good fit for you.

4. What Signs Should I Look Out For?

You should know what to expect during your recovery.

With the right treatment and rehabilitation, your injury will improve over time. Ask your doctor how to identify the signs so that you can track your recovery.

There’s also a chance the injury may worsen. Find out what the warning signs are so you can seek further treatment if you need it.

5. How Long Will My Treatment Take?

For serious injuries, surgery is required, followed by a long period of rehabilitation. However, for minor injuries, a few weeks of physiotherapy may be enough.

Ask your doctor how long you can expect to be in treatment before your injury is gone. You need to know how long you can expect to live with it, as well as how much your treatment will cost you.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you suffer an injury, it’s important to seek treatment from a sports injury doctor immediately.

However, it’s better to try to avoid these injuries altogether.

At Las Vegas Sports Performance, we can help you reduce your risk of injury. Our specialized personal training programs can help you to eliminate pain, regain your range of movement, and improve flexibility.

To assess your needs, contact us to set up a free functional movement screening.