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Injury Prevention

5 Common Football Injuries (And How to Treat Them)

If you have a child in sports you’re probably equal parts proud that they are doing something they love, and worried when they take that hard tackle to the ground.

Football injuries are something that you will probably run into with your child. Continue reading to learn about 5 of the most common ones, and how to treat them.

Muscle Contusions

Muscle contusions are hits to the muscle that doesn’t result in structural damage. Symptoms usually include a dull pain that results in bruising, swelling, and sensitivity.

It will probably be easiest to notice these injuries after your player has stopped for the day and cooled down. This is also a football injury that’s pretty hard to avoid in this contact sport.

To treat it, you first need to rest. It might suck sitting a few games out but it’s better than straining yourself.

To reduce the swelling, wrap ice in a cloth and hold it to the injury for 20 minutes. Alternate on and off.

You will need to compress the injury lightly with a bandage and then raise the infected above your heart.

Shoulder Injuries

Once the ball goes out of the socket, it will typically keep doing it, and playing football will just make it worse. This will usually happen if you fall on your arm, or take a direct hit right through your shoulder pads.

As soon as this happens, seek medical attention to get a diagnosis and a detailed recovery plan.

Typically you can purchase a product that can get you through the season but you may need surgery after the fact.

Sprained Ankle

This occurs when the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint are torn or stretched. All this will really result in is soreness and swelling.

Typically this injury can be avoided by bracing your foot before the game starts. Studies show that players who did this sprained their ankles much less than those who didn’t wrap their ankle.

Back Strain

One wrong move can result in a hurt back or a slipped disk which you absolutely do not want.

This will usually start with slight back pain that evolves into chronic back pain. Many factors can lead to this, and it usually leads to numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hips legs and feet.

You can treat this with a supportive back brace during activities.

ACL Injuries

This is the most common football injury you will come across. It’s a serious injury and will most likely need surgery to recover.

It results less so from a collision but more of a sudden change of direction. To avoid this do exercises that will increase balance, building strength, and plyometrics.

For more tips on recognizing and treating sports injuries, visit us here.

Football Injuries

With the school year coming to an end football season is fast approaching in a few months.

Make sure before your child stars in their first game that you can recognize common football injuries and know how to treat them.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in fitness training and you’re in the Las Vagas area, you can contact us here.