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Avoid Ankle Injuries With Functional Training

The key to avoiding injuries in sport specific training and functional training is to prepare your body for a full range of motion with exercises designed to bring the body into balance. You can only do this by beginning with a functional movement screen that assesses any weaknesses or deficiencies in the body’s movement patterns. Personal training in Las Vegas can get you feeling and moving better when focused on a foundation of functional movement.

I like to think that I was selected as the Best Preps Trainer 2017 in Las Vegas by Vegas Seven magazine because of the results I’ve helped young athletes achieve on and off the field of play. By focusing on functional training and full body exercises we were able to achieve some amazing results, largely because functional training can greatly reduce the risk of injury, in the gym, at practice, and on the field of play.

Ankle injuries are fairly common in high school athletics and even everyday life. In this post, I’ll examine what to do in the event of an ankle injury.

How To Deal With An Ankle Injury
Did you know that half of all ankle injuries occur during athletic activity?

People injure their ankles on a daily basis from stressful fitness routines or sporting events.

There are different levels of severity when it comes to hurting your ankle. You could be suffering from a sprain, fracture, or something even more serious. The good news is there are practical things you can do to get your ankle on the right path to recovery.

We’ve done the ankle research for you and have compiled a list of four essential tips to overcoming an ankle injury.

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1. Keep Your Foot Elevated

The minute you hurt your ankle, it is important to get off it and elevate it. Elevating your ankle will decrease the blood flow to the injured area. Keeping it elevated can help decrease swelling and inflammation, which will reduce your pain.

During sleeping hours, you can and should prop your injured ankle up on pillows to keep it elevated. It is important to have the ankle raised above your heart.

While it will certainly put you down for longer than you might prefer, it will help you heal. If your ankle needs to be operated on, get ready for long periods of elevated ankle rest.

2. See A Doctor

Before you plan on doing anything, make sure you receive proper medical care from a doctor. Without a proper diagnosis, you won’t know how to treat it and could potentially cause further damage.

When it comes to ankle injuries, sometimes even a twisted ankle can have the same pain levels as a fracture. It’s important to know exactly what your injury is so you can receive the proper rest and medication necessary for your injury.

Based on the injury you might need a cast, brace, or even surgery. Get to a doctor as soon as you can for a consultation on your ankle.

3. Take Medication for Ankle Injuries

Medication can also help reduce the swelling of your ankle injury. Depending on the severity, you might need over-the-counter pain reliever or something a little more serious.

Only take what’s necessary from a doctor-prescribed medication plan. If you’re an athlete, do not go back to your sport until your doctor has cleared you.

4. Rest

This may sound like an obvious choice to include on the list, but many people think they can buoy up their ankle and go about their normal activities after a diagnosis. It is important to rest your ankle after an injury.

From physical to mental exhaustion, ankle injuries can do a number on you. Don’t feel guilty about taking the proper time required to let yourself heal. Life will continue on once you are able to move about and put pressure on your ankle again.

Work Out Smarter and Safer

One of the best ways to prevent ankle injuries is to engage in a workout plan that’s customized specifically for your body.

For optimal personal training in Las Vegas and fitness routines that will help you reach your fitness goals without injuring yourself, contact us today!

Best Preps Trainer 2017

Las Vegas Sports Performance is the best gym in Las Vegas for athletes who are serious about making big changes in their game. Our approach to functional training will prepare you for athletic performance and improve overall health. Personal training in Las Vegas can and should be centered around functional training. It makes your whole body better.

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