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Speed Training

4 Sprint Workouts to Increase Your Speed

What if a few trips could make you run faster than ever?

It probably sounds a little too good to be true. However, there are some simple sprint workouts you can add to your routine to see more speed than ever before!

Add Striders

This first workout is ideal if you are just getting into sprinting. Some beginners get tired and burnt out too quickly, so a great solution is to add strider exercises.

To do this, add at least four repetitions of running at top speed to your regular jog. These reps should last no longer than twenty seconds.

This strengthens your body and your overall endurance. And pretty soon, you’ll be able to run at top speed for far longer than twenty seconds!

Sled Drags

Some of the more advanced sprint workouts include dragging heavy sleds. This means dragging about as much as you can squat for anywhere between ten to fifteen yards.

This allows you to perfect some sprinting technique, as you will master triple extending your back leg while driving your front knee forward. Then, all you do is put your foot down to drive your forward momentum.

After four or five sets of this, you’ll be able to run faster than ever, all while building needed strength.

Strengthen Hamstrings

When you want to improve your sprint speed, you need to change how you look at your own body. Specifically, you need to start looking at your body as a complex machine.

This is important because achieving better speed is often a matter of improving the strength of individual components. Let’s start with your hamstrings!

Your hamstrings help with knee stability while also helping out your glutes. To help your hamstrings in turn, you need to do some special isometric exercises.

We recommend doing ten to fifteen sets of bent-knee hip thrusts. You can change up how and where you do this, but these thrusts will all strengthen your hamstrings and boost your speed!

Better Arm Swing

Most of our sprint workouts have been looking at ways you can boost your native speed. For the next exercise, we’re going to look at something more fundamental and make sure your arms are not slowing you down.

If you’re not holding your arms at ninety-degree angles and bringing your hands in front of your face as you run, then air resistance is going to slow you down. You can help deal with this by practicing rev-up starts.

The rev-up start is simple: just get in a two-point stance and move your arms like you’re running. Try to perfect your form and then do a short sprint to put your new skills to the test!

The Bottom Line on Sprint Workouts

If you’re reading this, then you want to boost your speed with new sprint workouts. However, you may not want to do it alone!

Here at Las Vegas Sports Performance, we specialize in helping you to achieve your maximum speed and strength. To see how we can unlock an all new you, reach out and contact us today!