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4 Reasons Why and How to Get Electrolytes While You Work Out

The global market for electrolytes is expected to hit 8 billion by 2023. This shows how significant electrolytes replenishment has become especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles or ions in the body.

Do you know how to get electrolytes while you are working out? Do you know why electrolytes are important in the first place? Learn everything here.

In this article, we list 4 reasons why and how to get electrolytes while you work out.

Electrolyte Definition

Electrolytes are chemicals present in a human body that is electrically charged. They help the body in regulating movement, muscle tightening, and relaxation. Your brain communicates through the nerve system with electric signals called nervous impulses which are in the form of ions.

These electric signals need different salts in the body to either contract a muscle or relax it.

How to Get Electrolytes

Many of the foods we eat easily replenish electrolytes. However, if your rate of exercising is high, and you are losing a lot of electrolytes, you might be required to seek for supplements. These come in form energy drinks or water with electrolytes.

Here are the reasons when you need to replenish your body levels of electrolytes.

1. Take Electrolytes If You Suspect Imbalance

Your body should normally regulate the number of electrolytes. However, there are conditions where your body has too little electrolytes. Or there are cases of excess in which you need medical intervention. The kidney is the main organ that deals with the extraction of excess salts in the body.

2. Electrolyte Supplements For Your Optimal Performance

There are several types of electrolytes supplements in the market. They are mainly for replenishing sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and other body salts. In the market, you are likely to find them in the form of sports drinks, powder solutions, jelly beans, performance chews, and soluble tablets.

It’s always recommended that the supplements that you take are as natural as possible. Also, excessive intake can cause an imbalance which will overwork your kidney, clearing them out.

3. Take Electrolyte Supplements During Rigorous Exercises

As you continue exercising, the body loses some of these electrolytes in the body through sweat. They are forms of body salts like sodium, potassium, and chloride that we lose when we sweat. You should look for a correct salt that does not have negative effects on the body like excess sodium.

4. Take Electrolytes When Anticipating A Big Burn Out

Normal exercising can burn out some of your electrolytes. However, when you are expecting a highly demanding exercise, prepare your body with enough electrolyte supplements. This way, your body will have enough charged particles to boost your energy and your muscles should work optimally.

Electrolytes Are Essential For Your Workout Sessions

Normal diets only replenish about a third of lost electrolytes in the body during heavy workouts and it’s essential to know how to get electrolytes when your body needs more. Preparing your body with enough salts makes you rejuvenated and able to undergo enough exercises.

Lack of it, on the flip side, can lead to painful muscle cramps as the muscles fail in expansion and relaxation.

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